Volunteer Roles


  • Serve as an encourager for one student for 7 classes
  • Facilitate a relationship building experience between your student and their horse
  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus through your words and actions
  • Prerequisites:  Attend HorsePower Volunteer Training. Must be at least 21 years old. 

Floater / Instructor’s Assistant

  • Serves as a second pair of eyes and hands for instructor
  • Assists with notes – observing throughout the class and discussing thoughts with instructor
  • Fill in for HorseHandler or Mentor if needed
  • Prerequisites:  Should be an “alum” to HorsePower and can step in if the instructor is pulled away from the class due to the needs of a single student. A great first step if you have a desire to become a HorsePower Instructor


  • Serve as the safe person for the horse during class time
  • Tune up horses with ground work and groom as needed before classes
  • Prerequisites: At least 14 years old with some horse experience and attend HorseHandler training

Lead HorseHandler

  • Assigned by program leaders based on experience and horsemanship
  • Guide & facilitate HorseHandlers in their role
  • Serve as encourager and prayer leader for HorseHandlers
  • Prerequisites: At least 18 years old with horse experience and attend HorseHandler training

Apprentice HorseHandler

  • Anyone wanting to learn about horses and prepare to be a part of the HorsePower program
  • Paired with an experienced HorseHandler and shadows them during class
  • Prerequisites: At least 14 and attend HorsePower HorseHandler Training. Must be able to arrive early on class nights for one on one training with Equine Trainer