HorsePower has been helping children and teens since 2001.

HorsePower enables at-risk children and adolescents to experience, practice and re-learn basic “life-coping skills” through hands-on horsemanship skills.

Students are given choices to create their own successes.

HorsePower continues to serve children year after year because the impact is recognized by therapists and guardians of the children.

HorsePower is completely run by volunteers.

HorsePower is only possible with the gifts of time, talents and donations from people like you.

The HorsePower Experiential Learning Program offers relational experiences to at-risk youth by developing life-coping skills in an equine-facilitated ranch environment.

HorsePower is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
helping children and adolescents since 2001.

Horsepower is located at Rising Star Ranch in Lee's Summit.
2807 NW Chipman Road | Lee's Summit, MO 64081  <= MAP link
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What Makes HorsePower Unique?

  • HorsePower is the longest running, therapeutic, mental health equine program in the KC area.
  • Therapeutic Horsemanship addresses youth emotional issues, including PTSD; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Reactive Attachment Disorder; ADD; ADHD; Mood Disorder etc. The reason this program is so powerful is because the youth focus on something outside of themselves: the horse.
  • Students experience, learn and practice skills they can use at their homes, schools, and communities. Skills include socialization, trust, relationship building, honesty, reliability, effective communications, decision making, boundary setting, empathy, problem solving, respect, responsible use of power & control, impulse control, patience, and coping.
  • Horses and the ranch environment (non-threatening, not clinical) assist the students in gaining self confidence, self worth and basic life skills that may have been diminished in their lives to this point - like trust and boundary setting.
  • The students’ therapists and sometimes parents are given notes and observations from the program instructors to assist in further growth and healing when they return to the treatment center or home.

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