Four-Legged Team

Albie   |   Red Dun Tobiano Paint
Born in 2002

Albie was a gift to HorsePower from Matt & Melisa McGraw. Albie originally came from North Dakota when he was just 3 years old. His full name is Albie A Showtime Boy, and he lives up to his name. He loves attention from two legged and four legged friends, including dogs and cats. He enjoys a good ear rub and won’t complain if you spend a little time rubbing his neck. He has learned a couple of tricks over the years – pushing a gate open and then coming along side the gate to shut it, taking a bow for a small treat, and most helpful, he comes running when he is called.

Cheyenne | Registered American Paint
Born in 2005

My full name is “Chiefs Rebel Cheyenne”. I am the only horse in the HorsePower Herd with blue eyes. I am one of the largest horses but an very patient, gentle and love learning new things. I was born and raised right here in Missouri.

Chief  |  Quarter Horse/Morgan
Born in 2004

I’m one of the shyest in the herd even though I have ridden in parades and worked around livestock. HorsePower is great for helping rebuild my confidence, but I still prefer a soft touch and gentle, quiet movements. I’m one of the tallest in the herd and I’m also the reddest – kind of like the color of copper penny. Some horse people would call my coloring sorrel and some would say chestnut. I have white on my right, hind leg above my hoof and a few white hairs on my head. Maybe you can rub me there when I meet you.

Coby | Quarter Horse
Born in 1997

I am considered a “Buckskin” which means I am tan with dark mane and tail. I am a Quarter Horse and I used to like to run really fast – in fact I even got to carry a barrel racer for 3 years. I’ve participated in Fun Shows with my previous family and have even been a first lesson horse for a 4 year old girl!

Izzy | Paso Fino
Born in 2006

Did you know that Paso Fino means “Fine Walker”? And that’s exactly how I present myself, full of confidence while being very smooth. I am the perfect size for HorsePower Students – not too big and not too small. I like to be the center of attention with humans and with the herd. When people first meet me they often use the word “Sassy”.

Reveille | Missouri Foxtrotter
Born in 2000

I am the lightest colored horse in the HorsePower herd and like to  consider my mane and tail “silver”. I am a Missouri Fox Trotter – which  means all my ancestors started out in the Ozark Mountains right here in  Missouri. I have ridden lots of trails in Missouri and Kansas and I love camping. I really enjoy sweet talks from my human friends whispered in  my ear – I’m also a great listener. I’m named after the Texas A&M mascot  – but my name also is a musical tune used to wake up soldiers in the  mornings.

Marengo  (Retired in 2020)
Born in 1994

Marengo is enjoying his well deserved retirement and green pasture with his best friend Starbeth at Ms. Nancy’s home in Greenwood.

Starbeth  (Retired in 2020)
Born in 1993

Starbeth was a special partner to HorsePower students for over 9 years. She is now enjoying being spoiled rotten with her BFF Marengo at Ms. Nancy’s home in Greenwood.

Rocky (Retired in 2020) 

Rocky has retired from HorsePower to be a lesson horse for some special students at Rock Island Ranch. We are thrilled that he can thrive getting one on one attention while strutting his stuff!

Pepe (Retired in 2018)

Pepe blessed HorsePower for over 7 years. He is retired and living happily with Charmer in Stillwell, KS where he has his own stall and awesome green pasture!

Charmer (Retired in 2018)

Charmer blessed HorsePower for over 7 years. Charmer is retired and living happily with Pepe in Stillwell, KS where she has her own stall and awesome green pasture!

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